About us


Hi, If you had reached here you probably want to know more about us and we are Happy to have you on this part of our website. It is always the little things in life that create unforgettable memories and life experiences to cherish. I was a long time wood working hobbyist, I enjoy the level of perfection and fine skills the art demands. I find peace in putting my headphones on, running all the numbers, simulating the process and working with wood. It is a godly feeling to build something with your bare hands, something unique and something that only existed in our imagination.

One of my most memorable project was to build a doll house for my daughter, Half way through it I realised she is too young for it and decided to leave it in our hall way. It kind of took her by surprise, she barely walks on her own and talks very little words but to see her hop around, burst and babble in happiness as soon as she saw it opened up a whole new dimension and perspective towards this hobby. True happiness is in seeing our children smile and we wanted to share this beautiful experience with you, to make that little magic and at the same time to give you a fruitful product. Some were between people wanting to join me to learn this beautiful skill and people wanting to buy our fine crafted pieces I decided to make furniture for the kiddie winkers and little helio was born.

At Little Helio we makes one of a kind unique pieces for children and the childlike, that are made with durable and high quality solid wood and Russian birch. All our furnitures are designed considering specific needs of children while also taking in account the practicality of the product. In general kids furniture has a time frame after which children might grow out of it. Our sole aim is to respect this valuable resource and find ways to enhance the life of the product by incorporating changeable features that can suit different ages and also options for reselling on the preloved space. We believe in sustainable sourcing of wood and we do not use MDF, laminates or any kind of polymer based items that are harmful to the  people who work with it and to the environment.

Overall this is our story and we are looking to meet more people and create more experiences with our journey. If you wish to hear from us or see our makers please do feel free to reach us at care.littlehelio@gmail.com